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KEL Hospitality Services- come let’s over pamper you!!!

KEL Hospitality Services; Truly your own home!!!

Hi there and welcome to KEL Hospitality Services; we’ve been expecting you! We know what it means to come from a long and tiring trip, probably had a stressful week and longing for a genuine welcome, a good chilled drink that will surely calm your nerves and a cozy bed to stretch out on. If you enjoy being over pampered, then there’s no doubt you’ve come to the right place! We’ve been host to countless family vacations, wedding receptions and birthday celebrations. Feel free to contact our 24/7 hours reception for all your concerns and we will be delighted to attend to you. Welcome and enjoy your stay

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The manageress

Joy Brefo

Kwamo Executive Lodge

Kwamo Executive Lodge is located in the serene Kwamo Township on the Ejisu- Kumasi highway directly opposite the defunct ambassador records factory. It is endowed with beautifully landscaped environment along the banks of the Kwamo River within the vicinity of the Kwamohene’s private residence.